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Dogs in the Arizona Heat

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Top 5 things dog owners need to know for the summer

1. NEVER leave your pet in the car June-October. Did you know that the interior of your car can get to 140 degrees. If you are going to run errands, and the outside temperature is 100 degrees outside,do him a favor and just leave him home.

2. Keeping Dogs Cool by providing nice shade. How about a kidding pool with fresh cold water, even add ice cubes to keep the water colder longer.

3. Protect your four legged friend from the sun, yes dogs can get sunburn.

4. Walking your dog. Next time your going out, put your hand down to touch the sidewalk. It’s most likely too hot. Try coating your dog’s paw pads with Musher’s
Secret. It’s a special oil that protects the paws. Or walk them in the grass.

5. While you are out on your walks keep close attention to their panting. This is a sign that they need to cool down. That’s a great time to pullout a cold bottle of water and pour it into your travel bowl.

Hope you have found these tips helpful   Cheers  Jennifer Hatton 602-689-7261