5 Easy Summer Recipes for Your Dog

This month, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees F and higher, we wanted to share 5 ideas to help keep your pets cool and enjoy their summer!

  • Stuff a Kong toy with pet-friendly foods (peanut butter is always a good idea!) and stick it in the freezer!
  • Cube watermelon and freeze it for a quick, easy treat!
  • Make homemade (no salt) chicken-broth pops or Poochie Pupsicles (recipes from Modern Dog Magazine)
  • Mix up some Peanut Butter Froyo Treats (recipe via Rover from The Happiness in Health)
  • Create an icey treat to keep them busy with a Doggy Ice Treat (recipe from Tablespoon)

If you try these recipes, or have your own that you love, share them with us on social media. Tag Hatton Pet Portrait Studio on Facebook and use the hashtag #hattonpetportraitstudio on Instagram!