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Meet Jen

I think I have the best job in the world! I just love capturing all the great moments that your furry friends express. Thank you so much for visiting our website! As an animal lover and pet parent, you appreciate the importance of having a beautiful and lasting portrait of your best friend.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every person could have that connection? Don’t let precious time pass you by. Oh, don’t worry about anything, I’ve perfected my “Dog Whisper” techies and find it possible to capture a portrait worth sharing, displaying and holding on too as a family treasure.

This is my dog Bell, she’s a Canadian Snowbird – lucky dog! Jack Russells are full of spunk – that’s why we get along so great.  Lucky for me, I get the privilege to capture the humor, the serious side, and the loving joy of each dog I photograph.  That way I don’t miss her as much when she’s up north chasing squirrels.

I have always been a photographer; the magic started when my mother got a new addition to her family, Mistie.  I started photographing her two favorite things – her first grandson & her new puppy.

Clients ask me how I create such beautiful images with so many doggies.  After photographing four-legged friends for ten years, it’s just second nature now.  Oh and lots of tricks and treats. Most importantly patience, lots of patience.

It’s even better in our forever studio, this studio that is designed and created for doggies.  You should come and see!